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Mary Ahenakew

  Psychic Intuitive

​Evidential Medium

Energy Healing​ 

Nurture your whole being with love,

patience, and kindness

so you shine on others like a mirror

reflecting the warmth of the sun,

 bright as sun rays glimmer

and beam your light dancing on water​.



 Psychic Intuitive 

Mary's psychic readings focus on the heart and soul centers to give you deep insight into what’s happening in your life. She understands that everyone’s journey is unique, and so are the insights that come forth, and they are always, without fail, helpful in some way. Mary will provide you with a welcoming and non-judgmental environment where you can ask any question and explore your path with confidence and clarity. 

Evidential Mediumship

Blessed with the gift of mediumship, Mary helps people find peace and comfort in their lives. During a mediumship reading, Mary will ask your loved ones in Spirit to come close to communicate their shared memories, personality, and relationships with you and others. She works hard to provide accurate and specific messages from your loved ones in Spirit, so you know for certain that they are still with you and watching over you, and to let you know that even though they have transitioned to the other side of life they are still near and are your biggest cheerleaders. It is her hope that her readings bring healing and closure to those who need it, and to provide the reassurance you need to move forward. 

All readings can be done by either phone or Zoom. Readings are priced at $65 for a 30 minute reading or $100 for 1 hour.

Holistic Energy Healing Sessions

Have you been struggling with stress, anxiety, or trauma? Or maybe you need to balance your energy to promote healing? Whatever the case may be, Mary will help you. As an energy worker and certified Reiki Master, Mary believes in the holistic approach to wellness. She combines several energy healing modalities including Breath-work, Reiki, Quantum Healing, and Sound Healing to provide you with a  fulfilling healing experience. Our bodies and minds have incredible healing ability, and Mary can also provide you with techniques you can use yourself for your own wellness practice, so you can maintain your energy levels between sessions. 

Healing sessions are priced at $45 for a 30 minute session and can be arranged in person or virtually.

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