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I have had several readings with Mary and they were all profound.  Each reading touched me, gave me insight, provoked lasting thought, and provided the comfort and love that one feels when connecting with a loved one who has crossed over.  One reading that stood out and has had great importance was a visit with my beloved godfather, who I called, “Grandpa.”  Grandpa journeyed to the other side over 28 years ago.  As I was a child at the time, my parents kept the details about his death from me.  The story they gave me never quite resonated, but I had no reason to doubt their explanation. I had hoped to connect with Grandpa (as you never know which loved one will actually come forward), but was not expecting to as he had never come forward before.  Mary was able to tap into Grandpa and was able to provide me with the information, details, and explanations that I needed.  This was beyond helpful to me.  The best part was that I not only got important messages, but I also got the chance to interact with my Grandpa, to tell him how I felt and how much I love and miss him. 


After each session with Mary, I am filled with love, peace of mind, and lots to think about.  I am grateful to Mary and appreciate that she shared her special gift with me.  Her readings have, honestly, changed my life.


I have know Mary for awhile so let me tell you that it was an honor to have a reading from her. There were things she told me about myself that she did not know and I have to say she was so insightful that it was uncanny! She also mentioned things about my son too that were spot on and oh so very helpful. If you are looking for an honest, insightful, and compassionate reading then I highly recommend that you check her out! Trust me, you will not be diappointed! Love you Mary and thank you agian for the beautiful reading.

- Diane

Loved my reading with Mary! She was able to bring messages and evidence through with such compassion and love. Definitely would recommend her!

- Nikki

I enjoyed me reading at the psychic fair so much! I feel validated and have some answers/understanding now. During the reading I felt safe, welcomed, and relaxed. I felt drawn to Mary when I read her bio right away and same when I sat down! Highly recommend!

- Liz

I want to share my experience in getting a mediumship reading by Mary. Being a sitter for Mary was easy. She made me fell comfortable about what to expect or not expect. She brought in my father and described his personality to a T. The energy that she embraced could be felt through the computer screen. It was awesome. Mary gave me information that could be validated and also some informaiton I simply had a knowing about. She of course had me in tears with the message at the end. That only happens when there is accuracy in the read. She nailed it. While I know my dad is a great communicator it takes Mary's energy and openness to bridge that gap for us. Mary did a beautiful job in making that connection and I would highly recommend her when you are ready to make a connection with your loved one in spirit.

- P. Roberts 

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